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Easthorpe PEACE Proposal

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Our Proposal is Simple

Do not provide two way access to the old A12 from Easthorpe Road.

Close the road off and make it local access only. This will put the local traffic accessing the new A12 onto roads that are designed to cope the volumes of traffic involved

Save the taxpayer an estimated £7m - £10m.


Key Stats


Research suggests this is the kind of cost for this size of roundabout

6 Metres

This is the recommended width for two way traffic on rural roads detailed in the HS2 plan


Research suggests that the proposed flyover bridge could cost this much

SAVE MONEY and use it where it is needed

The proposed roundabout, flyover and road route adjustment will have been budgeted for.

We suggest this money can be used on community infrastructure and services that are really needed in all of the villages around the A12 corridor. 

For example:

  • Many village halls require improvements. 

  • Public footpaths, byways and bridleways within the area have been neglected.

  • Smaller vehicle public transport options, such as a transit size "dial a bus" would match the road network and provide an ageing rural population better access to the towns.


Join us in our efforts to protect our village

Protecting the Environment Against Congestion in Easthorpe


Highways England Claim...

"Take long-distance traffic off the local roads and put it back onto the A12 where it belongs, so that local roads aren't used as "rat runs", affecting local villages and their communities"

Source: Highways England Consultation Response Form

Easthorpe PEACE

We believe Highways England have used incorrect data and modelling in the proposal.

Easthorpe Road is already a "rat run" with many times more traffic than Highways England claim. 

Easthorpe PEACE Proposal

Our suggestion is really simple... 


Do not build access to the old A12 from Easthorpe Road

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