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Stronger Together

As a small village we all have to stand together and fight for our beautiful community with one voice.


If you would like to stand with us, help fight against these proposals and help to restore Easthorpe's tranquillity, please get in touch.


Remember every adult (18 years +) can sign the petition and send a separate response form to Highways England.

Click the sections below and lets get our voices heard.


Response Form

Submit your response form through the post or online to have your say against the proposal!

Deadline: 11.59pm 16th August 2021

Our Petition

Sign our online petition against the proposed changes. Have your say and let's get this proposal changed!

Write to your MP

Send a letter to Pritti Patel and raise the issue at a Government level.

Deadline: 11.59pm 16th August

Please send your response form, online or through the post by August 16, 2021, to have your say.

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