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A12 Chelmsford to A120 Widening Proposal

From Highways England:

'The A12 Chelmsford to A120 Widening scheme is identified within the Government’s 2015-2020 Road Investment Strategy (RIS1) and Road Investment Strategy 2 that we are currently working to deliver which states that England’s Strategic Road Network requires upgrading and improving to ensure it can deliver the performance needed to support the nation in the 21st century.'

Source: Highways England


Key Information

August 16th

All response forms must be submitted by 11.59am on this date

74% Increase

HE figures forecast up to 74% increase in traffic in the afternoons

Old Data

The traffic volume data was collected in 2016. Over 4,500 houses have been built in Colchester since.

Source: Authority Monitoring Reports

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The Proposed Design

​This is the preliminary changes proposed for the A12 between junctions 19 to 25:

  • widening to three lanes in both directions between Hatfield Peverel to Marks Tey

  • a new three-lane bypass at Rivenhall End (junctions 22 to 23)

  • a bypass between junctions 24 to 25

  • improvements made to junctions 19 and 25

  • three new junctions constructed to replace existing junctions 20a, 20b and 23

  • new and improved walking, cycling and horse riding routes.

Map 1.png
Map 1.png
Map 2.png
Map 2.png

How this relates to Easthorpe Road

The existing A12 will remain and a roundabout will be built at a point close to where Easthorpe Road currently connects with it.


A flyover will be constructed from the roundabout, over the new A12  and will connect with Easthorpe Road.


Easthorpe Road will have a small "re-route" to accommodate this.

This will provide access to Easthorpe Road from both directions of the existing A12.

The process next steps

Once the consultation period ends it will be reviewed by HE, refinements may be made. HE will then publish a consultation report.

HE then have to apply for a Development Consent Order (DCO). This application is considered by the Planning Inspectorate and is likely to include public hearings.

Once the application examination is complete the Planning Inspectorate makes a recommendation to the Secretary of State and a decision is made.


Join us in our efforts to protect our village

Protecting the Environment Against Congestion in Easthorpe


Highways England Claim...

"Take long-distance traffic off the local roads and put it back onto the A12 where it belongs, so that local roads aren't used as "rat runs", affecting local villages and their communities"

Source: Highways England Consultation Response Form

Easthorpe PEACE

We believe Highways England have used incorrect data and modelling in the proposal.

Easthorpe Road is already a "rat run" with many times more traffic than Highways England claim. 

Easthorpe PEACE Proposal

Our suggestion is really simple... 


Do not build access to the old A12 from Easthorpe Road

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