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Latest Traffic Survey Results

Although the consultation period closed, Easthorpe Peace commissioned an independent traffic survey in order to supply Highways England and the Planning Inspectorate with official figures.

Here is a summary of the results.......

Date range: 15th – 30th September 2021

Quantity of days counted: 16

Three sets of sensors were installed, these recorded all classes of traffic going eastbound (away from the A12) and westbound (towards the a12)

The sensors were placed near Kildegaard (Site 3), just before 1 Onslow Cottage (Site 2) and before 4 Easthorpe Road (Site 1).

Traffic count: 12129 (Site 3)

Top Speed Recorded: 76mph (Site 3)

Traffic Exceeding 30mph Speed Limit: 77.22% (Site 1)

Average traffic exceeding 30mph speed limit across all three sites: 59.07%

Average top speed across all three sites: 68.73mph

West Bound Traffic (Site 3) 9678

West Bound Traffic (Site 1) 9027

= 93% of this traffic were using Easthorpe as a cut through for access to the A12

East Bound Traffic (Site 1) 1527

East Bound Traffic (Site 3) 2451

= 62% Using Easthorpe as an exit from the A12, cutting through to other areas.

If anyone is interested in the full report then please click here.


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