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Pinch Points Cause Chaos

Easthorpe Road is not designed to handle the proposed volume of two way traffic.

Recently a number of “pinch points” along Easthorpe Road and one on Fountain Lane were measured.

Road Name. What 3 Words Ref Point. Tarmac Width

Easthorpe Rd. Breezes, stoppage, match. 4m

Easthorpe Rd. Doubts, sprayer, circle. 3.5m

Easthorpe Rd. Reap, polishing, lights. 3.6m

Easthorpe Rd. Chill, adverts, demotion. 3.65m

Easthorpe Rd. Hovered, barstool, camp 3.65m

Easthorpe Rd. Insulated, gagging, evidently. 3.65m

Easthorpe Rd. Shunts, newsreel, stew. 3.5m

Easthorpe Rd. Mush, compiler, amaze. 3.4m

Fountain Lane. Outbound, dissolves, stream. 3.7m

When vehicles meet at these points there is usually a requirement for one or more of them to reverse to a wider section, a private drive, or to go on to the verge causing damage.

The document link below is to a Government published paper on Rural Road Design relating to the impact of HS2. It has sections on road width and standards. It suggests that the road width to handle the level of traffic we already have should be 6m.

Using this as a benchmark, Easthorpe Road is clearly not able to handle the volume and type of traffic it already gets, yet alone what is in the current A12 proposal.

HS2 Rural Road Design Criteria


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