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It is vital that as many response forms as possible are submitted.

This is the primary information that will be considered when creating the consultation report for submission to the Planning Inspectorate as part of the application for the Development Consent Order.

The sections relating to Easthorpe Road are:


2k,  3a,  4a,  4b,  5a,  5b,  6a,  6b.

Click the button below for our form guidance notes:



You can send your response form online, click the button below to open the form:

Send through the Post

You can download and print the response form, to send through the post. Click the button below to download it:

Deadline: 11.59pm 16th August

Please send your response form, online or through the post to arrive by 11.59pm 16th August , 2021.


Have you sent your Response Form?

So we can have a record of how many people have submitted their response form, please add you name and the date of when you submitted your response form below:

Thank you for sending your response form, we now have the data for our records.

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