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Easthorpe Road cannot cope with more traffic

Easthorpe Road is fundamentally a single track lane. 

Two way traffic meeting is already problematic at various points on the road. Vehicles are damaging the road edging and verges as they try to pass. Property is also being damaged with vehicles reversing onto private drives. This recently happened to a listed building and the reapir bill was over £100,000

There are numerous "blind spots" plus a high number of vehicles are speeding and there is a risk to life.


Key Stats


Vehicles were measured speeding in 12.5 hours across a 6 day period


Easthorpe is a 30mph zone. The top speed measured recently when speed checking was 75mph


Vehicles went through Easthorpe between 5am and 7pm in  the 16 days between 24.6.21 & 9.7.21


Lorries & vans went through Easthorpe between 5am and 7pm in  the 16 days between 24.6.21 & 9.7.21

The HE data is out of date and the public consultation brochure is misleading

The consultation brochure makes no reference to Easthorpe Road in the "possible changes to local roads" section (page 41).

In the local road detail (page 49) 3 roundabouts are referred to without any mention of a bridge construction.

We believe the fundamental change of Easthorpe Road becoming a two way thoroughfare has been either missed or buried.

Bike Handles

Lives will be at risk

Easthorpe Road has many walkers, runners, cyclists and horses.

HE consultation brochure only refers to changes relating to these groups around the new road (page 43) and fails to consider any impact on them where the plan increases traffic on other local roads.


Join us in our efforts to protect our village

Protecting the Environment Against Congestion in Easthorpe


Highways England Claim...

"Take long-distance traffic off the local roads and put it back onto the A12 where it belongs, so that local roads aren't used as "rat runs", affecting local villages and their communities"

Source: Highways England Consultation Response Form

Easthorpe PEACE

We believe Highways England have used incorrect data and modelling in the proposal.

Easthorpe Road is already a "rat run" with many times more traffic than Highways England claim. 

Easthorpe PEACE Proposal

Our suggestion is really simple... 


Do not build access to the old A12 from Easthorpe Road

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