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It's Like The Pied Piper

So, here we are, having just had a public meeting about the proposed A12, where Easthorpe Peace explained that Easthorpe Road is already a "rat run" and the new A12 proposal would make it worse.

There is currently a blockage on the A12 between Kelvedon and Marks Tey. In their impatience to move, drivers look on Google maps and other apps in a bid to find a way around the blockage. These tools act like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, playing a tune that delayed drivers follow without any consideration.

The impact on Easthorpe Road is devastating. There is a constant flow of back to back traffic heading towards the A12, which when it meets a local vehicle heading the opposite way, is driving up onto the road bank or reversing into private drives in a bid to get through.

This could be the view of our road with the likely increased volume should the A12 proposal go ahead in it's current format.

Easthorpe PEACE urges everyone to fill in their consultation response form and submit it to Highways England as a priority. If anyone wants any help with completion of the form then please let Easthorpe PEACE know and we'll help.


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