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Speed Kills

Does anyone remember some of the old TV Road Safety Campaigns?

"Speed Kills" was one that resonated with me as it was launched shortly after the birth of my first child. Here is a reminder.

Why was I thinking about this???? Earlier this month Easthorpe Community Speed Watch volunteers monitored Easthorpe Rd between 5am & 7.30am. They registered 21 cars speeding and recorded a new record of 75mph.

Easthorpe Road is already a "rat run" and the A12 proposal is going to make it a lot worse. It is a single track lane with many blind spots. The majority of the traffic is nothing to do with the village and with this level of speeding the proposal significantly increases the chance of fatalities and serious injuries. We must not wait for that to happen. Easthorpe PEACE do not want to be shaking our heads and saying "we told you so" in 2027.

Send in your response form and make sure we are heard. RESPONSE FORM


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